Clear Insight Into Furnace Health

SmartMelter® is a comprehensive solution for furnace life optimization and management.


Longer Furnace Life

Extend the life of your furnace with a clear view of its true health. SmartMelter® measures the actual residual thickness of walls and helps you optimize the timing of overcoat and rebuild dates for longer furnace life. Operate longer with confidence by identifying early stage glass infiltration into the insulation.

Condition-Based Maintenance

Avoid untimely overcoats and repairs. Our solution combines two patented sensors with digital mapping to give you precise data about the overall health of your furnace. SmartMelter® lets you see into furnace walls to identify areas that need local repair, so maintenance is only performed when and where it is necessary.

Electronic Asset Management

Keep all of your furnace inspection and maintenance records in one place, organized electronically for easy access and evaluation. Our software platform provides you with new insights for better utilization of furnaces.


The SmartMelter® Solution

SmartMelter® integrates wall thickness sensors with powerful furnace asset management software to present you with a comprehensive view of the health of your furnace.



Innovative Team

PaneraTech tackles the most challenging problems with cutting edge technologies. In partnerships with major glass manufacturers for over half a decade, our team pioneered the SmartMelter® solution for better insight into furnace health. Beginning as simply a wall thickness sensor, SmartMelter® has evolved into a comprehensive furnace management solution that enables you to better manage and optimize the life of your furnaces.

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