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SmartMelter® Demonstration Program (SDP)

PaneraTech is currently enrolling customers for its SmartMelter® Demonstration Program. The program’s objective is to have glass manufacturers experience SmartMelter® first hand and better understand the sensors, the software, and the furnace inspection.

Under this program:

  • Customer identifies a furnace that is at critical stage (i.e., planned for overcoat or glass leak concern through sidewalls).
  • PaneraTech maps the furnace and enters it into SmartMelter® XSight software
  • PaneraTech trains customer to use the sensors and the XSight software
  • Trained customer personnel and PaneraTech jointly carry out furnace inspection and transfers the measurement data to the XSight software
  • Customer views the actual health of their furnace on XSight and has access to the XSight for 6 months.

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Full Service Furnace Health Assessment Services

Licensing SmartMelter®

SmartMelter is directly available to glass manufacturers on an annual or furnace lifespan license basis. Under the license agreement, the customer retains a set of sensors, and has full access to the XSight Software.

Under the licensing agreement,

  • PaneraTech delivers a set of sensors to  the customer’s plant
  • Customer’s plant personnel is trained to operate the sensors and to use the XSight software
  • PaneraTech and customer jointly map the furnace and perform the baseline inspection;
  • Customer themselves can perform unlimited furnace inspections
  • Customer keeps comprehensive furnace maintenance records including other inspection records, endoscopic images and pictures
  • Customer can implement standard inspection and furnace management policies across multiple plants via SmartMelter® software platform.

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